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Lowrance Elite 4 HDI Review

One of the most well known and popular brands of a fishing tool is Lowrance and it presents Lowrance ELITE-4X HDI 83/200 Fishfinder, one of the most exclusive new generation compact fish finder models of this brand. This product is for you if you are looking for a powerful fish finding punch within your limited budget. So just pick Lowrance ELITE 4 Fishfinder. You will get the complete review of this amazing model of a fishing assistant tool below. Read it thoroughly and be sure why this one would be the best pick for you.

The fishing experience has got some new dimensions with the advancement of modern technologies and their inclusions in this very sector. Different tools have come out for making your fishing experience more enjoyable and making your tasks easier. One of such useful appliances is Fish Finder. This amazing device can sort out the places on your behalf exactly where the bunch of fishes are biting. Moreover, it can also be useful one for exploring the underwater regions and analyzing the different factors like the depth, down structure, water temperature, and so on.

Who need Lowrance ELITE 4

  • Professional fishermen.
  • Seasonal fishers.
  • Pastime lovers.
  • Weekend enjoying people.
  • Amateur fishing loving persons.


  • Split screen option.
  • Insight genesis mapping for providing maps of any unknown regions.
  • Suitable fish finder for both salt water and fresh water.
  • Dual imaging options being available.
  • Backlight for ensuring quality fishing at night time.


  • Not an ideal down imaging option.
  • A bit blurry images in shallow water operation.

Significant Features of Lowrance ELITE 4

Amazing LCD Display

One thing you will get the modification in this unit of Lowrance ELITE 4 HDI 83/200 Fishfinder than the previous models of Lowrance brand, and it is the size of its display. The diagonal length of its screen is 4.3 inches around. When comparing to other models of fish finders, this height is perfect for making the tasks done smoother. Thus, the fishermen can be able to enjoy a greater area of view while using this tool. The LCD display of the screen produces sharper and crispier images. Another useful feature of this model apart from the other ones come from the Lowrance is its color images.

Lowrance ELITE 4 Fishfinder has the 16 bit color TFT display. So, unlike other Lowrance products, this unit comes with colorful, more vibrant, and lucid images. The LCD display can be clearly visible in the direct sunlight in the day time. The display is also useful for your eye vision, as you won’t get any eye strain while using this fish finder. Moreover, the unit comes with a backlight along with the display and this backlight option makes this product usable also for the night time fishing experiences.

Broadband Sonar Features

The broadband feature is another important feature of Lowrance ELITE-4X HDI 83/200 Fishfinder which is incredible in speed. Another useful feature of this function is its ability to work even at the regions of very lower depth. You can also be able to explore and detect the spots of finding the fishes very well with this sonar features. There is an incredible filtering process available with this equipment which provides the larger sensitivity. This technology is best suitable to work within any circumstances, at any regions. You can even get the best services from this broadband sonar feature in the most challenging conditions.

Regardless of the depth of the water, this feature ensures the best quality and provides the crispier images of the bottom surface. It can be more suitable in shallower watery surfaces. In any condition, you can get the whole images of the water column while using this unit. Even when the fishes are swimming through surfaces like within the sea grasses, below the rocks, through the reefs; you will be able to get the detailed information about them with this amazing unit of fish finder.

Hybrid Dual Imaging Technology

The term HDI being used with this model refers to Hybrid Dual Imaging technology. This one is one of the most exclusive options you will get in this Lowrance ELITE-4X HDI 83/200 Fishfinder model. This technology uses the features of both the downscan technologies and the broadband sonar functions, and thus provides the users the best fishing experiences. You can get the services of both of the different sonar with just one transducer. It makes you able to get the best view of the underwater. Moreover, this dual imaging feature also makes this unit a versatile model to use in different conditions.

Whenever you are intending to go for fishing in the freshwater, you can choose the 83 or 200 kHz frequency sonar of this mode. Again, if you are planning for the saltwater experience, then 50 kHz to 200 kHz frequencies will be best suitable options for you. You can also choose the downscan sonar option which will provide you the frequencies up to 455 kHz or 800 kHz. Comparing all these factors, budget limit, and power consumption criteria, the Elite 4 HDI will be the best suitable unit for you than its other sibling models like Elite 5 HDI or Elite 7 HDI.

Availability of Built-in GPS

Lowrance ELITE-4X HDI 83/200 Fishfinder is a popular choice for the fishermen not only for its Fish Finding service. It has also the good name as a powerful GPS receiver. There is a strong and powerful GPS preloaded in this unit for ensuring the quality services to the customers. Using this strong GPS antenna, you can be able to get the mapping of around all the coastal contours available around you. It can provide maps of over 3000 lakes and also coastal areas of around 1000 ones. Thus the customers can have an accurate mapping with this item.

Moreover, if you are intended to get more mapping chart, you can use the Elite 4 HDI Gold for your purposes. You can also make your device more upgraded with all other optional features like Lake Insight, Navionics Gold, Nautic Insight, and so on. Thus, for ensuring the precise navigation with the fish finder tool, Lowrance ELITE-4X HDI 83/200 Fishfinder will be a must pick for you.

Insight Genesis Mapping Function

One of the most fascinating and interesting features of Lowrance ELITE-4X HDI 83/200 Fishfinder is its insight genesis mapping criteria. Apart from the highly accurate mapping with the strong GPS antenna, you can also ensure the most precise navigation of your fishing regions with this incredible insight genesis mapping function. For example, if you are in a place and the mapping at your spot is not available in the mapping options of the Elite 4 HDI fish finder. Don’t worry a bit. Insight Genesis mapping will let you get the mapping of those spots without making any hassle. There is software available in the Lowrance brand is known as Insight Genesis Software.

With the help of this software, you can make your tasks of creating your own mapping done. You just need to activate the sonar recordings of the device and analyze the place thoroughly. Once you are done with your analysis process, you can store them within your memory card and then upload the raw map analyzed by the device in the software. After the completion of the processing of data, you can download the new map into your memory card again. And thus you can be able to explore the vegetation, bottom surface, contours, and so on of your regions.

Easy Functioning and Usability

There are two available options for the operation of the Lowrance ELITE-4X HDI 83/200 Fishfinder model- automatic and the manual. People who are novice to use this fish finder. They can easily be able to handle this device in the automatic function. This will make your works less and make them less time consuming. Again, you can also go for the manual option of operating the tool. It will let you be able to navigate the surrounding more fruitfully. Whatever options you are going to use, whether it is manual or automatic, all the things you just need are just a single click away from you.

Split-screen View

Lowrance ELITE-4X HDI 83/200 Fishfinder has the incredible screen size that is about three times than the other screens. There is another additional feature with this giant display. You can be able to split this display in the three different ways. Thus, you can be able to get the different data on a single screen. All these beneficial features are available for you within your limited budget option.

Downscan Overlay

Another beneficial feature of this Lowrance ELITE 4 Fishfinder is the downscan overlay. Primarily, this model has only the downscan option. It is suitable for exploring the structure of the bottom surfaces. You might not be able to have a clear idea about the position of the fishes by that feature. Therefore, it was necessary to rely on another feature. And it was traditional SONAR to get the perfect viewing of the fishes.

Downscan overlay solves the problem for the users by combining two different features. Thus the customers can have the complete vision of the down structure. It is able to detect the fishes as well. The tool has also become capable of differentiating the fishes, trees, reefs, rocks, arches, etc. by using this feature. The fishermen can have a complete idea and presentation what is happening below their boats.

TrackBack Option

Another very useful feature of Lowrance ELITE-4X HDI 83/200 Fishfinder is its track back option. This option helps the users by storing the data and also recording the previous histories. You can be able to view all the previous sonar recordings by using this feature. Any kind of data like the location, fish target, depth comparison, below surface structure, waypoint, etc. can be tracked back again by using this amazing tool.


Is any temperature sensor or speed sensor included in this unit?

You will get the temperature sensor included in this unit. Thus, the unit is capable of registering the temperature. But there is no speed register included with the model.

Will I be able to get the complete sonar feature with this item?

Yes, you will. Lowrance ELITE 4 Fishfinder is a complete fishing tool with the complete sonar features.

Is this unit ready to be used just out of the box or should I need to purchase any other extra tool?

No, you don’t need to purchase any of a single thing at all. Lowrance ELITE-4X HDI 83/200 Fishfinder is completely ready for your usage. Just bring this unit out of the box, and start using it.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you a smaller and portable fish finder then Lowrance ELITE 4 HDI 83/200 Fishfinder will be a better option. You will get amazing features of a perfect angler in this modern fish finder. Every single penny of your invest will be worthy of having Lowrance Elite 4 Fishfinder.