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Humminbird Helix 7 DI GPS Review

Humminbird is one of the most prominent brands in this industry. It presents multiple numbers of amazing choices of fish finders to the fishermen. Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI GPS Fish Finder is also such a popular product of this brand. This product has all the fascinating features including the down imaging sonar GPS features.

It is one of the most comfortable items for the ease of your fishing experiences. The DI beams used in this product is capable of providing both the side sonar beams along with the down imaging. That’s why we will be able to get higher accuracy with the double frequency with the DI beams of Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI GPS Fish Finder. Here you will the complete review of this dedicated and highly recommended fish finder of the market.

Who Is This Product Designed for?

  • Fishing lover people
  • Seasonal Fishermen
  • Professional Fishers
  • Amateur Fishers
  • Pastime lovers


  • Assembled with gimbal mounting hardware.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • 3D chart view.
  • Wide screened display with 256 colors and 800 X 480 resolution.


  • No external GPS availability.
  • This device is featured with only one microSD card slot.

Key Features of Humminbird Helix 7 DI GPS

Down Imaging Sonar Features

One of the best things that will come with Humminbird Helix 7 DI GPS Fish Finder is its incredible down imaging sonar features. The fishermen can enjoy two distinct DI sonar views with this product, and both of the views will have a different level of frequencies. One view uses the frequency of 455 kHz and the other one uses 800 kHz. The Standard sonar coverage angles are also different for the two views. For the lower frequency, the angling of the beam is 45°, where the higher one has the angling of 75° and provides narrower beam. This excellent down imaging features of the device will ensure more clear and defined images of the down surface and make you sure what is happening below your boat.

SwitchFire 2D Sonar View

Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI GPS Fish Finder has also the 2D sonar view along with the SwitchFire functions. In this feature, you will get the beam of 28° and 16° respectively for the frequency level of 200 kHz and 455 kHz. As a result, you can be able to get the images of both the views at a single time in the split screen of this device. You can get the detailed view with the Max mode available in this feature and ensure more accurate view by activating the Clear mode that is also available in this technology. Due to this technology also includes the sonar recording feature for making the fishing experience more fascinating. Ice Flasher feature makes this device capable for fishing in the ice fishing purposes.

Transducer Mounted Screen Display

Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI GPS Fish Finder is equipped with the both wide and narrow sized cone shaped split screen. This display provides an incredible clarity with 800X480 pixels of resolution along with 256 colors. The display is of color TFT type with 7 inches of display size. The 16:9 ratio of the display will make you be able to get ample room for easy navigation and having quality fishing time. This glass-bonded display has a brightness level of 1500 nits. This screen has the split screen zooming feature and also the split screen bottom lock function. There is also a backlight equipped with the display of this tool.

This device also comes with a built in transducer known as XNT 9 DI T. There is a temperature probe available with this transducer. This transducer basically works when the fishing tool gets dropped in water and helps to indicate the water temperature. This temperature is displayed on the digital screen. But you won’t get any temperature graph while using this model of fish finder like the other models of fish finder offered by the same brand. Apart from this temperature indicating transducer, other types of transducers are also available in this device.

Gimbal Mounting Hardware System

Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI GPS Fish Finder has a sturdy and compact body with gimbal mounting. This mounting has made the body of this tool easier to adjust and also made the equipment smarter than the old fashioned previous models’ bodies. Due to this gimbal mounting bracket included in the tool’s hardware system, this device can ensure better removal of the body parts and angle adjustments as well. So with this gimbal mounting, in a dash or optional mounting is also available in this fish finder.

UniMap Chart Plotting

A very common feature of the Humminbird Helix group products is the availability of UniMap Chart plotting. With this exclusive feature, the fishermen will be able to make navigation to different areas like the coastline, lakes or rivers. So you can get the exact location and point out the places of your interest with this function. Besides the special Bird’s Eye View feature of this device, the fishermen can get the 3D perspective of their exact location, current places, targeted regions, etc.


Is Humminbird Helix 7 DI GPS a waterproof device?

Yes, it is. Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI GPS Fish Finder is a complete water resistant device, and can easily be submergible in water. You can use this tool up to 350 feet depth for DI beam and up to 600 feet for 2D view.

Is this unit suitable for both the lakes and oceans?

Yes, this product is completely suitable for lake fishing and also for the purpose of ocean fishing. You can also go for ice fishing with this unit as well.

Does this unit include the snapshot taking features?

No, unfortunately, snapshot taking feature is not available with Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI GPS Fish Finder.

Can I get the temperature of the water in the display?

Yes, you can. There is a transducer in this fish finder device and this transducer will work on to detect the range of temperature. As a result, it will indicate this level in the digital screen of this unit. Thus, you can be able to know the temperature level of the water.

What kinds of mapping will be available with this unit?

Lakemaster, Hotmaps, Navionics, etc. mapping options will be available with this unit for the users.

Bottom Line

In Conclusion, to enjoy both the side imaging and down imaging features you should choose the Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI GPS Fish Finder. Because the sonar and navigation features are necessary for better experience.