Best Trolling Motor Reviews 2020

Fishing is one of the most cherished activities and hobby which is enjoyed by thousands all over the world. For all the enthusiast it can be the best part of your week. To make fishing more enjoyable and effective it’s very important that along with a good boat or kayak other items such as planner boards, spreader boards, para vanes, outriggers, down riggers and most importantly trolling motors are in place.

What is a trolling motor?

When you are in a boat you need the ability to slow down and steer your boat to take it into the places where your main motor cat take you, this is why trolling motors are used. The most important function of the trolling motor is to take make the boat more versatile and give necessary backup as to when your main motor stops functioning. For most of the professionals trolling is the best way to catch the fish as it combines both fishing prowess and ingenuity to attract the desired fishes. Mounts are typically of three types, Bow mount, Transom mounts, and Engine mounts.

Bow mount Marine Trolling Motors are most popular with those who have a small or medium side boats. The biggest advantage they have over others is that they provide a much better control if compared with transom mount motor. This is mainly because bow mount pulls the boat as opposed to transom which pushes the boat. But at the same time transom motor is a lot more affordable and can be easy to install.

How to choose best trolling motor?

When you go out to buy a saltwater Trolling Motors there are many things that you should look at. The real selection process starts much before you step into the market as you need to be aware of dimensions of your boat, weight of the boat and what all places are you going to go with the help of the trolling motor. Here are some of the things that you should look at in a trolling motor:

Voltage and Thrust

Power is something which you are always going to need, no matter where you are fishing. This is why thrust and batter is very important in a trolling motor.

Length of shaft

Length of shaft is very important to provide you good control and command over your boat. Best Marine/saltwater Trolling Motors is one which provides you with the adjustable trolling shaft. You will also have to decide how to mount the trolling motor.

What Maintenance is required for Marine Trolling Motors?

Just like every other thing, trolling motor will also require to take proper care in order to ensure proper functionality and long life. Here are some of the things that you should do to ensure proper condition of trolling motor:


Keeping the motor free from weeds and dirt is very important to ensure that it runs smoothly. It will also make sure that your boat is secured and it won’t fail you in tough situations.

Maintenance of Electrical component

It’s always recommended that you inspect the electrical parts of the boat regularly to ensure that all the wiring and other components are working fine. If there is any problem then you should consider replacing the parts without any delay.

Propeller Inspection

You should also examine the edges of the props to make sure that they are not damaged. Most of the times propellers are indestructible but hard surfaces can damage the prop which is why it’s very important that you check it.

When you do your research and go out to buy a trolling motor then here are some of the motors which we feel are the best among the current lot;

5 Best Trolling Motors

1. Minn Kota Endura C2 Trolling Motor Review

If there is one thing which in favors of Endura C2 is that it provides a very effective machine that too at a very affordable cost. It’s an all-rounder when it comes to trolling motor as it provides an impressive 15 pound of trust version along with a good 30 inches of shaft length. It’s a perfect machines for boats under 16 feet. There is a good 12 volt motor and it provides 5 speed great box which can go back, forward in multiple speeds. The handle is telescopic which makes steering very easy.


  • Affordable
  • Quiet and efficient
  • All round performance


  • Not suitable for bigger boats
  • Not easily manoeuvrable

2. Newport Vessel NV Series Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor Review

Newport is one of the advanced trolling motor which provides 36 pounds of thrust for kayaks and fishing boats. It is made up of stainless steel material which can take care of corrosion and provide maximum performance saline water.

There is an aluminum handle which has a head of about 6 inches with telescopic handle. Motor offer best in class 8 speed gear box which has 5 forward gears and 3 backward gears which provides you choice of speed. There is a 30 inches shaft which is durable even for heavy use. There is a 12 volt motor with deep cycle battery and a 5 point LED battery which provides you good reading about the battery life.


  • Better battery life
  • 8 speed gear box


  • Only 36 pounds of thrust

3. Mini Kota Riptide 55 SP Saltwater Trolling Motor Review

Riptide motor is genuine performer with a solid body and seawater compatibility. Motor can provide you an impressive 55 pounds of thrust which is very best in the class. There is an electric steering control over the motor which can steer the boat without any fuss even at high speeds. There is foot pedal which better to operate. There is a sacrificial anode for better protection.


  • Brand new Deploy assist lever to make quicker operations
  • Low noise for better movability
  • Co-pilot has control of the motor
  • 55 pounds of thrust


  • Steering of the motor

4. Newport Vessels 55 Pounds Thrust Trolling Motor Review

If good thrust is something which you need then look no ahead of this one. The Newport Vessel 55 pounds provides you with an amazing 55 pounds of thrust which can be perfect for any medium to small sized boats. There is 6 inch telescopic handle can provide the much required ease in movements. There is an 8 speed motor which has 5 forward gears and 3 reverse gears. There is also a 5 LED display which can provide battery percentage.


  • 55 pounds of thrust
  • 8 speed fast gear box


  • Price on the higher side

5. Mini Kota Powerdrive 45 V2 Bow Mount Trolling Motor Review

The Powerdrive V2 has a well-placed ergonomically designed foot pedal which can be very effective in controlling the speed of the motor and providing momentarily on off functionality. There is an impressive digital maximize which can be further optimised by providing GPS positioning. The shaft is made strongly and is unbreakable. Though 45 pounds of thrust is not very big but it can be perfect for small to medium sized boats. The shaft is about 48 inches long and can provide utmost control.


  • 48 inch long shaft
  • Better control with good foot pedal


  • Thrust on lower side
  • Can take longer to deploy


All the products offer something new and unique to make your fishing experience better and more pleasurable. If power is something that you need then going for Mini Kota Reptide 55 can be a better choice on the other hand the Power drive 45 provides a much better control with bigger shaft.