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Best Spinning Reel for Bass Fishing

This review article is going to show you all about the best spinning reel for bass fishing with best a comparison chart. Usually, a bass fishermen turn to the light line, light lures or spinning reels when the bite gets hard.

Being the ‘finesse,’ it’s better to go for a bad rap as an essential tool for bass fishing. It sounds little silly, but if the finesse is what puts fish in my boat, then I will definitely go for it.

The best spinning reel for bass fishing can depend on some standard fishing techniques. Like, drop shot, shaky head, wacky worm, split shot, spinners, weightless plastics, tubes, grubs, small crankbaits, etc.

you can use some or all of them by pairing your bass fishing spinning reel with a medium action spinning rod and a test line. The spinning rod will be approximately 6′-6″, and the weight of test line is 8-10 lbs. This singles combo is very cool to can goes with any kind of water condition.

Best Spinning Reel for Bass Fishing – Features 

Drag system- When you are fishing for bass with the spinning gear, you definitely want a combination of strong and smooth drag system that goes with every condition. Both of them allows you to put some muscles into setting the hook and ensures you will not break your hook line on the hook set.

You will realize the dilemma when you are about to go catching a trophy bass and just because of a numb drag system you lose its. However, a smooth pull is little critical for the finesse applications. Like fishing the drop shots, shaky head, etc.

for the perfect drag system, you will want a smoothly engage drag at the top of your hook set to get the balance between hook penetration and power to keep the pressure on the fish without breaking the fishing rod.

Spool Size– For the bass fishing you will need spool size between eight to ten lbs. also they have to be lightweight and easy to handle with finesse fishing performances.

Sensitivity– Finding or detecting light bites are the key to success for bass fishing with spinning gear. This help to transfer the feel from your line and lure through the rod and into your fingers and hand. It is better to go for carbon or aluminum reels in here.

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Best Spinning Reel for Bass Fishing: Tops 10 Bass Fishing Spinning Reel

1. KastKing Orcas II All Metal Spinning Reel Review

When you first see the KadtingKing Orcas II, you will think about open thing first, how beautiful it looks! The black and red combination go with this best spinning reel. Besides, it is sturdy, lightweight so you do not drop it accidently or not too hard to flip.

Overall it is smooth in operation just as it should be. This spinning wheel is ideal for bass fishing, but you can use it for other large fishes like, arp, cats, stripers, and wipers as well. However, this product is quite cheaper compare then other and durable also.

Highlighted Features:

  • The body and rotors are made of solid aluminum alloy.
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater.
  • ​Triple disc carbon fiber drags washers.
  • Smart stylish and sturdy design.
  • Provide high performances.

2. KastKing Summer Spinning Reel Best Review

The KastKing Summer Spinning Reel is loaded with lots of features but still comes with reasonable price. Its slim graphite frame design and computer balance systemic combine with high performance in the compact spinning reel.

Its drags system offers incredible stopping power more than 20lbs. Also, its primary metal shift, mesh drive gear and precision machine pinion gear help you to deal with large and heavy and most fighting bass fish.

However, with lots of features and facility, this spinning reel looks stunning with its white and light blue combo. You can give it a preset to your angles friends and family.

Highlighted Features:

  • Narrow graphite frame design.
  • Lightweight.
  • ​Balancing high and smooth performance.
  • Attractive look and design.
  • ​Cheap in price.

3. Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Spin Combo Review

This fish combo comes with everything need to an angle enjoy his fishing day in the water. The Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Spin Combo has a rod, reel, Berkley power bait, Berkley gulp, siren and much more. It’s medium rod (around 6’6 inch) can be used in both right and left, and its fantastic kit tackle is suitable for bass fishing and any water types.

The cast is very smooth and reliable. Also, it’s pretty enough to handle fighting bass, rocks, logs, grass clumps and submerged tree branches, rainbow trouts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with graphite Aluminum and fiberglass.
  • 6’6 inch long and powerful.
  • ​Comes with the rod, spinning reel with pre-spooled spool and fishing kit.
  • ​Durable product.
  • Reasonable price.

4. Yoshikawa Baitfeeder Spinning Reel Review

The Yoshikawa Baitfeeder Spinning Reel has both front drag and rear drag on a reel for big fishing. It helps you to handle with the biggest bass. It’s bait feeder allows you to flick the small lever on the rear to free the spool and activate rear drag if you could not handle with the front drag.

Also it helpful to protecting your valuable rods lines and lures from lost or damage. It is suitable for catching the biggest fish with the smallest size reel.

You will use it for carp fishing, general freshwater casting, shore fishing, surf fishing, boat, jigging or anywhere you wish.

Highlighted Features:

  • Allows free-running line without opening the bail.
  • Made with Titan graphite, CNC aluminum spool, stainless steel.
  • ​Suitable for salt and freshwater.
  • ​Completely corrosion free.
  • High line capacity.
  • Beautiful gray finish

5. KastKing Sharky II Best Spinning Reel Review

Here is another version of KastKing Sharky, the KastKing Sharky II Spinning Reel is even more spectacular than anyone. First of all, it is very lighter and stronger so you can handle any kind of fish in your fishing rod.

Second, of all, its high-quality material makes it useful to use in all kind of water and fishing. It is an all-rounder spinning reel for every angler, is spinning reel has carbon fiber drag power, more ball bearings, lighter weight and line capacity.

This spinning reel could be the best holiday gift for anglers, or you can have it for your personal use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bold, lighter and durable.
  • Made with carbon fiber, stainless steel, mesh brass.
  • ​Corrosion resistant MaxiDurable bearings.
  • ​Sturdy but smooth performance.
  • Suitable for all kind of water.
  • Cheap in price.

6. KastKing Blade Spinning Reel Review

You can use this best spinning reel for freshwater, inshore saltwater, and many offshore applications. The Kasting Blade Spinning Reel features ten stainless steel shielded bearing and instant stop anti-reverse bearings for heavy loaded bass fishing.

It has uniquely engineered core structure that includes two stainless steel ball bearings supporting the main shaft that stabilize the shaft for proper rotation and added staying power.

Highlighted Features:

  • Carbon fiber drags system.
  • All metal body with a synthetic compound.
  • ​Instant stop anti-reverse bearings.
  • ​Durable bearing support for preventing twisting and shaft misalignment.
  • Durable and sturdy product.

7. PLUSINNO HongYing Series Fishing Reels Review

The PLUSINNO HongYing Series Fishing Reels is a smarter product to use for all kind of fishing. It can be utilized for Ocean boat fishing, Ocean rock fishing, Ocean beach fishing, lake, river, reservoir pond, stream, etc.

with all the necessary features it also has instant anti-reverse, and power drive gear equipped for high strength. It is very easy to use and sturdy enough to handle most fighting fish. Also, there is no need to unscrew the handle like the most reels to save space. Its S-curve oscillation system is ideal for line winding.

So if you want to catch small to medium sized fish and looking for something that could serve you all, then this best spinning reel could be an excellent choice to make. It is perfect to catch fish like crappies, perch, trout, salmon, bass, bluegills, and walleyes

Highlighted Features:

  • Dark aluminum spool with the second color and single line holes.
  • Instant anti-reverse and power drive gear equipped for high strength.
  • ​Thick Coiled bail spring.
  • ​Fishing Reels Line volume: HA2000 mm/M 0.18/240 0.2/200 0.25/140.
  • Cheap in cost.

8. Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reel Review

If you are looking for something perfect for all its features, services, and facilities and want to experience something smoother than ever, then have a look into Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reel.

It’s built with a ten bearing setup and an instant anti-reverse bearing for a quick switch over from cast to retrieval. Instead of carbon, aluminum or stainless steel, this best spinning tool made with lightweight magnesium body with the doubles-anodized spool.

That makes it tougher in any kind of water. It also comes with neoprene protective bag and spare aluminum spool. You will fall for this one right after the first time of use. However, this spinning reel cost a little more than our other review reels.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reliable Sure-click bail system.
  • Anti-twist titanium line roller.
  • ​Retrieved left and right hand.
  • ​Lightweight carbon handle.
  • Sealed carbon drag system.

9. Daiwa Ballistic EX Reel Review

Here is another expensive durable product. The Daiwa Ballistic EX Reel is with mag sealed which will enable it to perform in both salt and fresh waters. It has Zaion body and side cover to make it corrosion proof and lightweight.

With adding an air rotor, sealed drag and digital gear drive you will have a great and durable spinning reel for bass fishing.

It is waterproof drag and digital equipment design give the flexibility to use roughly. Also, its two ball-bearing spool support keeps drag washers in perfect alignment.

Highlighted Features:

  • 10 bearing Systems (1CRBB + 8BB + 1RB).
  • Air Bail of lightweight, hollow stainless.
  • ​Machine cut direct aluminum screw in handle.
  • ​Robust and durable reel.
  • Machine cut direct aluminum screw in handle.

10. Shimano Spirex FG Spinning Reel Review

The Shimano Spirex FG Spinning Reel features quick-fire II for easy one handed cast and A-RB bearings for the smoother fishing experience. This is one of the beautiful yet durable spinning reels that will enhance your fishing experience especially the bass fishing.

The spinning reel has features like Varispeed oscillation, cold forged aluminum spool, 5 shielded stainless steel ball bearings, sideplate & rotor, lightweight graphite frame, etc. this reel has a solid feel yet smooth which all angel is asking for fishing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Line Size: 2/270, 4/140, 6/110
  • Maximum drag 7 Pounds
  • ​Five ball bearings
  • ​Propulsion Line Management System.
  • QuickFire II One-Handed Casting System.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s):

Q- What you will suggest for beginners getting the spinning reel?

A- Go for medium to medium light spinning reel fields with 8 lbs test monofilament line.

Q- How to read your real specifications?

A- The specifications will be printed the box and sometimes on the reel body. All the line capacity, holding a yard of testing, etc. will show on the reel body.

Q- What is the ideal reel size to consider for bass fishing?

A- The perfect coil size for bass fishing is 8 lbs, however choosing the medium size reel like 6, 8 and 10 pounds are also good to be select.

Q- Explain about the drag system on spinning reel.

A- You will found two types of drag system- front and rear for spinning reel. They may refer to the location of the drag control but also they have some differences in styles. Like the first pull generally comes with multiple features, large drag washers. Moreover, the rear drag controls are easy to access and don’t stand up during large, hard fighting fish species.


Choosing the best spinning reel seems a tougher decision for angles especially for beginners. After all, they come with lots of variation and serves in different ways. However, learning about some basics, and beneficial components will help you to know about those things and also your requirements.

So, if it is your first time then learn as much you can and better to going for the best spinning reel for bass fishing that you can afford.