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Best Portable Fish Finder Reviews 2020

If you’re planning to go out for fishing, then make sure you are superbly prepared or you might end up blaming your luck while coming back home after a useless fishing day. Because it’s obvious, one doesn’t go out for fishing on daily basis. Perhaps, it’s a matter of weekends.

One should gather appropriate reliable equipment which guarantees him/her a successful fishing day. None other choice can be better than the portable fish finder, as with current technologized-world, one should go for the latest means of making his/her job easy. Portability feature of fish finder is a revolution that surprisingly referred the term fish finder as best portable fish finder.

5 Best Portable Fish Finder Reviews

Marketers are aware of the fact that neither all people in the world are extremely rich nor awfully poor. They have various pricing plans for almost every person who’s willing to buy their product. Similar is the case with portable fish finders. It banks on the buyer’s range; portable fish finders can either be of a low price or high price. We’ve categorized its price from lower to higher for easier understanding of interested ones.

1. Deeper Portable Fish Finder Review

Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder features’ grouping is not common. It involves captivating features such as high precision sonar shots uncover the vast majority of the fish species with absolute clarity, and allow you to focus on your prey with certainty. Deeper temperature sensors give precise vacillations of the water temperature so you generally know the ideal gnawing time.

Deeper sonar is sufficiently intense to impeccably work in the profundities to 40m (130 ft.) beneath the surface in both fresh and salty waters from 0.5 m (1.5 ft.). With castable deeper and along with arrangements of mounting you can investigate the lake, waterway or ocean from each edge. Sweep the places which other fish finders can’t scan. With the point by point perspective of the base landscape, and fish holding living space utilizing technology of inventive Deeper Smart Imaging.


  • Works efficiently with iPad & iPhone.
  • Water sensors reduces your cleaning efforts.
  • GPS & satellite mapping feature critical to remember locations lately caught fishes.


  • Blunder of Identifying Iron made things, trees and lambs as fishes.
  • Unsatisfied range.
  • Incapable customer support service.

2. Lucky FFW-718 Wireless Portable Sonar Fish Finder Review

Lucky FFW-718 Wireless Portable Sonar Fish Finder is easy to grab for low budget people, providing smart features as well. Its Detecting Range is 0.6 up to 73 meter. Language supported by this device is Russian. It has power input of ultimate AAA. The range of its Sonar frequency is 433MHz. No. 5 battery is used as its power source. Model number FFW-718 is reserved for this unit.

It comes under the category of professional dot matrix wireless fish finder. It covers 90 degrees bean angle of sonar. Display supports FSTN LCD 128(v) x 64(H) with display Size of 41 (W) x 48 (D) mm (1.61′ x 1.89′ inch) along with depth range of 131 feet (40 meters)/2 feet (0.7 meters). Its wireless operational range is 328.08 feet (100 Meters) and operating temperature is 20 to 70 degree C i.e. -4 to 158 degree F. By looking at its features it covers all the features of high-priced fish finders.


  • Provides you efficient feature of finding proper depth and measuring surface temperature.
  • Easy to Configure.
  • Long Lasting Battery.


  • No side views.

  • With sunglasses on during day time, you can’t read the display.
  • Return span of device is less for the persons who used to fishing on monthly basis.

3. Signstek FF-002 Portable Fish Finder Review

SIGNSTEK Portable Fish Finder is another less costly unit for fishing holding almost the same features which are possessed by high priced fish finders. This product is mainly designed for amateur and expert fishermen seeking out the positioning of fish with sonar sensor. It holds the feature of Auto zoom backside monitoring and quick information zoom to view the target more closely.

It consists of 10-stage sensitivity surroundings and multi stages depth range. It Indicates large/small fish identification and fish depth. It carries operational RF frequency of 433/315 MHz with operational differ up to 100ft. Also has a wide 125 KHz sonar frequency. It is supported by 4 (AAA) batteries for main unit operation. It possesses voltage value of 5V. Also cater the feature of consumer’s language menu to users.


  • Well functioned.
  • Inexpensive bet.
  • Feature of Extra batteries along with the device.


  • Works great for 2 to 3 outings then malfunctions sometimes.
  • Needs to adjust many times.
  • No option left other than upgrading if its stop working.

4. iBobber Fish Finder Review

IBOBBER Smart Fish Finder is one of the very few fish finders of its class which don’t have their own display screen for information. It associates straightly to your cell phone through phone Bluetooth and shows all information that is meant to be delivered directly through your cell phone screen. The sonar is effective for preying fishes up to the depth of 135 ft. It shows information regarding target according to its size doesn’t matter either its less than 15 inches or less.

It’s compatible with 4.0 version of Bluetooth and can be linked to any cell phone within radius of 100 ft. Furthermore features of this fish finder comprises of, lunar calendar, GPS hotspot tagging, fish alarm water temperature readings etc. This device also manages a detailed log of the type of fish caught along with date and time and conditions etc. Its battery is rechargeable and usually last for more than 8 hours on one time charge.


  • Doesn’t require boat.
  • Feature of cell phone Bluetooth operated sonar.
  • Appreciated customer service.


  • Unsatisfied battery management.
  • Breakage of connection from cell phone with a distance of more than 5 ft.
  • Sometimes fails to sync with cell phone.

5. Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder Review

SIGNSTEK Portable Fish Finder is an advanced version of SIGNSTEK Portable Fish Finder . They both carry some similar features like quick manual zoom and auto zoom bottom tracking. User can select meter and feet reading. Same feature of fish depth indicator and big/small fish identification. It has dual sonar frequency of 200 KHz/83KHz.

User can Stop Chart at any time along with Multi-language menu feature shows its extension over other devices. It has Color Screen Display of 2.8” 512 colors TFT LCD with a resolution of V240xH160. Feature of Front lighting is based on White LED. It determines Depth Range Min & Max up to 2 ft. & 240 ft. It is also supported by 4-AAA batteries for main unit operation with an additional feature of waterproof of version IPX4.


  • High visibility & Screen Resolution.
  • Well suited for kayak boats.
  • Long battery life.


  • A bit complicated to use.
  • Difficult to modify default demo mode range into user defined range.

The Advantages: Portable

If we compare traditional fishing techniques with portable fish finders then you’ll find nothing but a large generation gap between both techniques. Traditional fish finding techniques are becoming concern for people as they consume relatively maximal time than these portable fish finders.

These portable fish finders are extremely cooperative even if you are an amateur or beginner fisher. You can freely use the units with only one hand. With the added features in these portable fish finders, you can easily switch by utilizing one finger between different screen displays.

Reason, why it should be priority for fishers, is its ability of catching fishes quickly unlike traditional fish finders. No one likes to sit on the banks of rivers, lakes or ponds for long time expecting to be lucky in fishing but it unnecessarily takes half of your day.

Therefore portable fish finders are considered more beneficial than traditional fish finding techniques as they keeps their users involved while fishing by showing expected fishing details, targets, locations and depth of water.

Furthermore advantages of portable fish finders are:

  • They are portable
  • Probability of snapping the concealed fish
  • Waterproof casing
  • Less space consuming
  • Compatible with large scale rivers and lakes
  • Raised timesaving of user
  • NOT Boat dependent

5 Tips for Beginners

At first sight these units could be tangle to use but it would be easy as pie afterwards. Then following tips are common for dealing with any complicated fish finder:

  1. Recommended default settings for amateurs/beginners
  2. Effective transducer’s mount location
  3. One at a time adjustment of features
  4. Product Manuals

1. Recommended default settings for amateurs/beginners

When you open your machine for the first time, company settings are there. These are default settings. I recommend beginners to use those settings until they don’t become professional user.

2. Effective transducer’s mount location

If you want depth range and better picture transducer must be mounted accurately. Read the manual of manufacturer and try to follow those steps one by one.

3. One at a time Adjustment of features

One thing I would like you to do is, when you start adjusting any feature or setting of fish finder machine just make sure you got full grip on that feature until then; don’t change multiple settings or use all features at a time or else you might get into a trouble with device malfunctioning.

4. Product Manuals

Manual deals with gradual information of handling fish finders. They are meant for every single person that’s why they elaborates general steps regarding fish finders handling. User’s basic priority should be reading a manual created for relative machine you are about to use.

Frequently Answered Questions

Some of the useful FAQs:

Is this machine capable of reading good when it is floating on the surface while the boat is moving?

Fishing from kayak, it rarely loses connectivity while paddling. If you’re moving faster than a paddle it will be baptized too long and dissipate connectivity. Tie it to the side of yak attached to about 2ft of string.

Is the battery user replaceable after it wears out? Can I mount it on my kayak’s front and read well with paddle at speed of 4mph?

The battery is not replaceable. The only part of the device that opens is its top which you detach revealing the micro USB charging port. This portable device will be suitable for kayak with the flexible arm that you can purchase for it. The only disadvantage is that cost of flexible arm is approx $100. If attached the deeper fish finder to your boat along with some cord of parachute and appear to work out alright.

Do you know the least possible depth with will Deeper work at?

Depends on which setting you use 90 Hz won’t work at 4- 4.5 ft. the 240 Hz narrow beam will work down to 2 ft.

Can you test it out of the water?

Yes, you definitely can test the device out of water for Bluetooth connection only when the device is being charged, but you won’t be able to test the signal of sounder. To test signal of sounder, the device has to be on water with a minimum of 2ft deep.

Is SIGNSTEK Portable Fish Finder easy to mount on a sit in kayak? Is there clamp in mounting bracket?

One can adjust the transducer’s angle but the only mount is for the transducer. You will have to construct a different stand if you don’t want to fix to your boat.

What’s the comparison of iBobber to the very alike (but 2x more costly) deeper portable fish finder?

The software and hardware of deeper is more detailed than the iBobbers. The iBobbers has just scan of 90 degree as opposed to the Deepers 120 and 90 degree scans. The Deeper along with several types of alarms of fish, displays 4 different sizes of fish. Both offer a 15 minute sonar scan replay.

How many hours need it to charge SIGNSTEK Portable Fish Finder ?

The transducer seems to charge rapidly and lasts forever. The handheld unit goes by batteries quite quickly and it’s suited to hold spares.

What languages does LUCKY Portable Fish Finder support?

It supports Russian and English.

What color represents the densest material and what represents the least dense material that the sound waves come across in SIGNSTEK Portable Fish Finder ?

Depends on your desired and set color setup. If you have the light background, yellow is the strongest return, followed by red, then blue. If you have it set for a blue background, the colors are different.

Which batteries LUCKY Portable Fish Finder use? Or is it rechargeable?

Use 4 pieces of AAA Batteries (not included)


With the growing age of machines, only a few things are left which cannot be operated by machines. Ethical purpose of a machine is to make things easier for humans. To use it on account of human’s benefit it should be preferred. If we talk about fishing, it performs critical role in human’s life, for some it’s an essential source of food, and for others they’re the mean of making money. In winter season, it becomes the reason of keeping our body temperature stable and warm.

With portable fish finders you won’t need to sit for a long time to capture fishes as well as being hungry for a long time, if you live near a river or lake. This friendly interfaced technology allows tech-savvies as well as non-techies to get used to it without any complications. Portability of fish finders is the major demand by a customer because not every time a fisher goes on his own boat. So they would be hesitant to get dependent stuff.

Yes, definitely problem comes when you’re about to choose a reliable fish finder, budget, features concerns arises when you go for choosing best portable fish finder. You can simply overcome all these considerations by taking ideas from this review because one who has experience with it can always guides you better than those who never used it.

I’d say, always go for quality by one time investment for optimal long-term service. Although there’re fish finders of various price ranges yet it depends on your pocket size. FAQs included in this article will also enlighten your mind about Fish finders troubleshooting. Hence, I should leave onto you to make your own decision of buying desired and best portable fish finder.