Best Fishing Rod Reviews

The fishing rod is a kind of rod in which pole attaches and at the end of the line an adjusted hook to catch fish. There are various types of design of fishing rods. Each of the fishing rods is designed with different assemblies, actions or purposes.

The variety of the fishery rods enables fish-loving people to choose a fishing rod for the particular location such as fresh water or salt water. The fishing place is near the home lake, pond or the offshore.

During fishing the means of transport is a boat, or it is on the bank that should be considerable. Considering all of the factors, I would like to suggest some best fishing rods for beginners. Those are-

Choosing a “Good” Rod: Choosing the best fishing rod for beginners may not so tricky. You just have to know some factors about it. Usually, it depends on how each of the different components or elements combines to perform at the premium level.

For more elaborately, which material is used for made the blank, handle and guides, time another important part of a fishing rod is fishing reel. It has to well made, fit perfectly onto your fishing rods and feels good too. Furthermore, the ergonomics and balance of rods are counts too.

Best fishing rod for beginners- your purpose behind to choose

Having the best fishing rod will give you the best opportunity to catch your targeted fish of your desire. When people go to buy a fishing rod for the first time, they want to try low-cost fishing rods for trying their luck on fishing.

This rod snags or backlash or broke so quickly just as usual. So don’t be a penny-pincher. In additionally, the best fishing rod is the one that’s fit for your all purpose.

Before get any, ask yourself few more questions.

  • When are you fishing?
  • Who is the fishing rod for?
  • ​What type of fish are you targeting?
  • Where are you fishing? (Ocean, river, lake, sea, streams, etc.)

For the off season you can utilize with the regular fishing rod but for on season its batter to use a sturdy rod. For the second question, both professional and armature fisherman don’t deal with the same kind of fishing rod.

So it’s important to how skilled you are to deal with the particular type of fishing rod. Finally, you have to choose a rod by your targeting type of fish and the place you are going catch fish.

After all, you will need a different kind of fishing rod for the different type of fish and location like lake, sea, river, streams or ocean, though.

How are you fishing?

A quality rod will have your time, headache and energy while fishing. Proper equipment plays the key role of a successful fishing experience. Like the sensitivity of a fishing rod.

It will give the sense of fish biting the bait. That quality never can be found on a stiff rod. That’s why many beginners what for half an hrs and still get the feel of the fish bite. Even the fish bite the bait!

Some factors of fishing:

Before you select any fishing rod, you should know these factors about best fishing rods.

The kind of fish you want to catch for:

Typically people like go for fishing anyplace like river, pond or oceans near to theirs home. If you are a beginner, it’s better to do some research about the free fish on these places.

I would like to recommend going for any easy catch. Learn about your targeted fish’s nature, food habit, etc. After that, gradually go for other types of fishes and try other areas.

The rod parts that best suit your needs:

Fishing tools play a vital role while catching a good amount of fish. So you need to understand them well. You will need a different type of tackles for various types of fishing.

Like, if you want to catch large fishes you will need bait caster reel. It’s made for to cast large bait and never tore up for weight. Same things go for rod length. Such as, long rods are bet for longer distance, where short rod, on the other hand, helps you to deal with coltish fishes.

Type of fishing you will participate:

You will need individual fish tackles for sea, river or ice fishing. You can’t same fish tools for both fresh water and salt water. Because you have to use a different kind of fish tackles for different places.

Saltwater fishing tackles are made from special materials to avoid corrosion. So if you try a freshwater fishing rod in the ocean, it will damage so soon.

Your budget:

If you are new to fishing, then it’s better to go with mid-range fishing rods. Mainly those are determining to go often fishing. Moreover, if you are not sure about regular fishing then, it’s good to have a less expensive one.

Having a standard and low priced rod will allow you know about the features and usability of fishing rods. And more importantly, you will learn what you will prefer in a fishing rod.

5 Best Fishing Rods

1. Pflueger Monarch Spinning Combo Review

Pflueger 2-piece Echelon Medium Spinning Rod and Reel Combo (7-feet) is one of the finest fishing rods that made up with five stainless steel ball bearings and adjusted with one –way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing.

It is highly flexible for covering with graphite, and it offers rotor machined aluminum spool which has been developed as an electromagnetic system. Its sturdy aluminum handle provides soft touch knob with anti-twist line roller & sure-click bail.

The amenity provided by Pflueger 2-piece Echelon Medium Spinning Rod and Reel Combo (7-feet) increases sensitivity to catch fish and its enduring, and flexible stainless steel helps to insert aluminum oxide.

High performing grade cork offers to handle comfortably, and its comfortable graphite reel seat is made up of stainless steel that enables easy angler fishing. A foot hook keeper is designed in the stainless steel.

The design of Pflueger 2-piece Medium Spinning Rod offers fishing enthusiastic all amenities of catching fish. It is conceived in a technique so that fresh or salty water, pond, lake or the offshore fishing can be easier for fish-lovers. They can get it with one of the cheapest rates as well.

Product Features:

  • Stainless steel ball bearings
  • Adjustment with one-way clutch
  • ​Flexible for covering with graphite
  • ​Soft-touch knob handling system
  • ​Insertion of aluminum oxide

2. Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod Review

The Shimano Stimula is made for spinning fisherman. This two piece spin rod has a gorgeous look and amazing features.

Such as, a Shimano reel seat, aluminum oxide guide, an EVA butt cap and a custom shaped cork handles. Moreover, its multipurpose hook keeper allows you catch fishes like salmon with other small fishes, though.

This multiple action fishing rod is one of the best fishing rod that is best for catching, trout, bass, panfish, catfish, etc. it’s tough enough to handle fighting fish or toss around. Even if you accidently step it on, it will break easily.

The fishing rod is 5.6 feet tall and uses a superior EVA foam grip. But instead of that’s the road is pretty fresh and comfortable to use.

Product Features:

  • Best for both small and large fish.
  • Light and fast action.
  • ​Custom shape rod handle
  • ​Affordable price.
  • ​P-cork made for grip and regrip material.

This fishing rod comes with affordable and service warranty too. The Shimano Stimula fishing rod comes with one year of warranty.

That means you will get the chance to repair any technical problem of this fishing rod, due to this warranty period.

3. Pinnacle Eye Candy Rod Combo Review

Pinnacle Eye Candy Combo, 7-Feet is one of the lovely fishing rods. I found that most of the girls who have a keen interest in the fishery like this for its straightforward and pink glow.

One of the friend’s GF bought it. Keen-sighted this I offered my favorite this Pinnacle Eye Candy Combo, 7-Feet with pink color.

Pinnacle Eye Candy Combo is 7-feet high in size which characterizes the length with the product. It is made of Graphite Composite Blank which refers to the different modulus of graphite are provided to in a proper way to make a blank.

Pinnacle Eye Combo is very much flexible for its graphite covering, and its NonSlip EVA makes easier to hold the handle. Its hardened Aluminum Oxide Guides angler to keep anything except wire.

I am very much confident that the superior quality of aluminum oxide offers you enjoyable fishing without troubles. In this fishing rod, ball bearing drive is outfitted. It is well-equipped with Sharp-Stop Anti-reverse system.

An important topic is its reasonable price. My beloved and I used this fishing rod in the fresh water. I haven’t tried this one in offshore fishing yet.

Maybe it will help. I feel comfortable to suggest any enthusiastic fish-lover to buy this fishing rod of its simple use.

Product Features:

  • 7-feet
  • Multifarious graphite blank
  • ​Non-Slip EVA handling system
  • ​Aluminum oxide guides
  • Ball bearing driving system

4. Daiwa D-Shock Spinning Combo Review

Daiwa D-Shock 170 Yards 8 Line 6 ½-Feet Fibreglass Spin Combo is one of the superior qualities fishing rods.

It is made up of high performing components. Worldwide it is familiar for using especially among professional fishermen.

It is enduring and flexible in use. Daiwa D-Shock 170 Yards 8 Line 6 ½-Feet Fibreglass Spin Combo is smooth in use and its bigger precision geared reel makes easier and faster in speed.

It is covered with composite graphite. 2 ball bearing, one roller bearing drive and anti-reverse system are adjusted with as a component of this fishing rod. Its front drag is outfitted with ABS aluminum spool.

A bail is designed that offers twist buster II, stainless steel guides, stainless hooded reel seat, EVA foam grips, hook keeper as well. It is lightweight, about 1.1 ounces. Anybody can get it with affordable price.

It is applicable for fishing in the fresh and salt water. So for superior qualities of amenity Daiwa D-Shock 170 Yards 8 Line 6 ½-Feet Fibreglass Spin Combo is most famous in the world.

Product Features:

  • Smooth in use
  • Faster in speed
  • ​ABS aluminum spool with front drag
  • ​Stainless steel guides
  • ​Stainless hooded reel

5. Abu Garcia Orra SX Rod and Reel Combo Review

Recently I went for angling for the first time. I did not have any idea of any instrument or which type of fishing rod is suitable for better fishing.

I bought Abu Garcia Orra SX Rod and Reel Combo. It is 7 feet and 1 inch in size. It offers corrosion resistant which is built with the Anti-reverse bearing.

It is lightweight with an aluminum frame and adjusted with power disk drag. It provides superior quality of cast control with its one-piece aluminum spool. In the aluminum spool pitch, Centrifugal Brake is attached.

Abu Garcia Orra SX Rod, as well as Reel Combo, is oversized main gear adjusted with Duragear brass gears which provide durability for long life. It is flexible and comfortable in use and low cost.

I used this fishing rod fishing in fresh water. One of my friends told me that it is very efficient in offshore fishing. As I was inept and did not know how to use a fishing rod, I enjoyed a lot.

Now I am used to fishing in a weekend. In this regard, I am very much confident to suggest all cloddish to use Abu Garcia Orra SX Rod and reel combo.

Using it, they become able to know how to fish successfully and get pleasure as well.

Product Features:

  • 7 feet and 1 inch in size
  • Lightweight
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • ​Superior quality cast control system
  • Maingear adjusted with Duragear


The fishing rod is the key to fishing from bank or boat. That implies it must be superior quality to get fun and enjoyment. Multifarious designs of fishing rods provide a different flavor of entertainment.

All of these products have shown the product features with three types of questions. Such as- utility in using fresh/salty water, price and sometimes types of fishing.

Among these, the efficiency and the long-lasting effect have been described so that it can pave the way easy to buy for non-dexterous or professional. My attention is for your concern to enjoy fishing. Happy fishing with a new fishing rod.