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Best Fish Finder for Kayak (TOP 10 Reviews) 2021

How would you feel if you get to catch that fish you always dream of almost every time? Well, if you think this is not achievable, I am here to disappoint you because technology has been developed to make this achievable.

Having the Best fish finders for kayaks will motivate you more as you continue to get the best catch of your life.

A fish finder will help you get the best fish in the water without much hassles and stress. But wait a minute, before you jump to purchase a fish finder for kayak, there are some things you will have to consider especially if you are just new to this technology.

You wouldn’t want to attach a fish finder of about 10 inches screen to a small boat or kayak, it’s certainly going to get in the way and cause lots of distractions.

What to look out for when buying a fish finder for kayak

A fish finder basically have three parts/components: the screen, the transducer and the power source.

It is very necessary to take these into consideration so you would be satisfied with your purchase on arrival of the device.

Screen size

The screen size determines how large the fish finder would be. If you use a small kayak, then it would be weird to attach a big fish finder to it, it’s going to look too clunky. Normally, most kayak aren’t wide, so it’s wise to settle for smaller fish finder, anything from 5-6 inches display size will just be great. If you are going to be mounting the fish finder on a ram mount, then anything larger than 6 inches will be too heavy. The idea is to make the mount ridged and firm as much as possible. In summary, we recommend you shouldn’t go above the 6’’ mark for screen consideration.

The transducer

This is one of the most important component of a kayak fish finder. It’s responsible for sending signals into the water and receiving signals and transfer them to a visual from on the screen. Most of the transducer will come with a transom mount transducers out of the box and you won’t encounter any challenges installing it. You will also want to go for ones with wider cone angle which covers more area view. If you are using either in-hull or thru-hull transducers, you should consider plastic housing for fiberglass and metal hulls while Stainless steel housings will be great for steel hulls aluminium hulls.

Power Source

You will need to find a power source to supply power to both the traducer and the display. This is where you will have to come in. you can get a marine battery for this purpose. For safety purpose, it will be wise to wrap the battery in a waterproof box. If you feel this will be challenging for you, then you can opt in for portable fish finder that comes with built-in waterproof battery pack – this will ease the job of doing all those DIY.

Screen Resolution

The higher the resolution, the better. Resolution is rated in pixels and a high resolution implies a better pictorial representation of the underwater world. So if you don’t want to be discouraged by the display on the screen, it is better not to settle for resolution below 240 X 160 pixels. Once you can get the best resolution that will display clear view, you wouldn’t bother about the size of the display.

Cone angle

If you are lucky to get a wider cone angle, you will be able to see a wider view. This is an advantage. But the challenge with this is that as the cone angle gets widen, the focus and sensitivity reduces with depth. There are different ranges of options from 9-60 degrees, but to be on a better side, a cone angle of about 20 degrees will be great, however, going wider isn’t a bad idea.


The frequency of the transducer is something important to consider when buying a fish finder. They can either be single, dual or multiple frequencies. Some few dual frequencies transducers would normally come with 20 and 60 degrees cone. Some frequencies you could get are 50, 83, 192 and 200 kHz. Basically, for shallow waters, it is better to get higher frequencies like 192 and 200 kHz. The lower frequencies will work better for deep waters.

Our pick of the Best fish finders for kayaks on the market

We have taken time to save you the stress and hassles of researching the best fish finder. So we encourage you to go through the listed products and pick the one that best suits you and your type of fishing while considering the factors listed above.

1. Signstek FF-003 Fish Finder Review

The Signstek FF-003 Fish Finder made our list for the best fish finder for kayaks because of its amazing features. It is user friendly and despite having 5 buttons, it’s still easy to operate which makes it suitable for both beginners and expert anglers.

The 2.1 small LCD come in a high resolution that display pictures that are very clear. You can get lots of information from the display including the temperature.


  • Operates with 4 AAA batteries
  • 100 level sensitivity settings
  • Indicates the temperature of the water
  • 1 inches LCD, readable with sunlight and built in white LED lights
  • Multi language menu
  • Multi-level depth range
  • Comes with boat and chargers

It operates with a SONAR sensor to locate school of fishes under the water. It could function effectively with great depth range of 2 -240 feet. You wouldn’t bother about finding space to mount your device because it is small and portable which makes it compatible with smaller kayaks.

If you like to explore fishing in ice water, then you will still get it right with the Signstek FF-003 Fish Finder since it operates within the temperature range of -20 to 70 degrees. For a fish finder of its kind, what more could you expect?

2. Deeper Pro+ Portable Fish Finder Review

If you think you will love something handy that you can always quickly reach out to, then I think the Deeper Pro+ Portable Fish Finder has come to your rescue. It operates in conjunction with an Android or Apple iOS smartphone by means of a Bluetooth synchronization which acts as the screen, so you could always get the best view just in your palms.


  • Android or Apple iOS smartphone operated
  • Battery life up to 4 hours with rechargeable function
  • Great application including: fish activity calendar, diary, weather, maps and sharing functions
  • Dual beam: 290kHz/15Degree and 90kHz/55Degree
  • Radio controlled bait boats
  • Suitable for fresh and salt water

For such a fish finder, its 330 feet depth penetration is great, within this depth, you can get the biggest fish of your life. Using a dual beam feature coupled with the SONAR technology, you get the best information related to the screen of your smart mobile devices.

If you love exploring different water, then this is a right choice because the Deeper Pro+ Portable Fish Finder will work in both fresh water and salt water environment and will still deliver accurate information. Overall, the deep fish finder can penetrate and reach out to areas where other fish finder within its categories won’t reach.

3. HumminBird 140 Fishin Buddy Review

The fishin buddy features a 320 X 240 screen resolution with a 3.5’’ display which makes it portable. You wouldn’t need to look for space to mount in onto your boat especially if you are using a small kayak.

It’s rated at 1000watts – with this power, the response is fast making it smart in operation. It is easy to operate with it’s one tough system, giving you access to all the advance features,


  • 5’’ portable screen size
  • Transducer type pole
  • 320 X 240 Screen resolution
  • Frequency 200/455
  • 120 feet depth
  • 6 AAA batteries

It comes with an ergonomic clamp that you can use to mount the fish finder anywhere. The device last long with a 6 AAA batteries fully charged.

The device is simple yet powerful and comes with everything you need, so no rigging, mounting of transducer or wire connection, all you need do is mount the whole system with its clamp it and you are set to go fishing.

With its advanced technology, it can work effectively up to 120 feet producing the best image interpretation on the display screen.

4. Garmin Echo 301c Fish Finder Review

This multi specialized fish finder is versatile in operation giving the user lots of option. It comes with a transom mount and a trolling motor mount, this of course means you can use it for different type of fishing.

The 3.5-inch color display provides clear pictures which can be readable with sunlight – it also comes with a high screen resolution of 320 X240 Pixels. The Garmin 301c will work well in both shallow and deep water with SONAR technology, capable of reaching 1,750 feet.


  • 320 X 240 Screen resolution with color display
  • 12 v battery
  • Dual beam transducer with a transom mount and a trolling motor mount
  • Comes with bag carrier
  • Car and boat charger
  • 120 wide cone angle
  • 1,750 feet structure details

It features a wide angle of 120, you can get the best view of a large area, and this really isn’t a cheat on the intensity because you get to see clear pictures with the greatest depth.

You will require a 12v battery to power the device. Generally, it is affordable and for such a price, I think it has delivered the best features you won’t get from others of its kind.

5. HawkEye FT1PXC Fishtrax Portable Fish Finder Review

The design is attractive and we are sure you will love the look and features. It is versatile and capable of working effectively in both deep and shallow water, this is made possible by means of the two operating frequencies which can be fine toned from the handheld unit.

Coupled with its 100-Level sensitivity adjustment, auto-zoom bottom tracking and multi-level depth ranges, you can be sure of the best fishing experience ever.


  • Multi-level depth ranges
  • Fish Depth Identifier
  • VirtuView HD Color Display
  • Ice-Mode Digital Flasher Portrayal
  • 100-Level sensitivity adjustment
  • Audible depth and fish alarms

It features an “audible depth” and fish sensor alarm that gives an alert, so you don’t get to stare at the display screen all day.

The device runs on AAA batteries and does last long. You may need to buy the mounting hardware separately as it doesn’t come with a single purchase.

General, there aren’t any complaints recorded, so if there are satisfied customers, it means the device is good to go. The following features is enough reason to be enlisted in our picks for the best fish finders for kayaks.

6. Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Fish Finder Review

This is a more advanced fish finder you can get out there. If you really want to get serious with your fishing activities, you should get this device. With its dual imaging feature, you get more details on the screen.

It is a total package which comes with a base map and a 50/200 455/800KHz Transducer. It is quite big with a display screen of 5’’. You can get the best view anytime of the day with its adjustable keypad backlight and screen making it suitable for both day and night.


  • 480×480 pixel SolarMAX 256 color TFT display
  • Chartplotter with basemap
  • Transom mount transducer
  • Accepts optional Navionics Gold cartography
  • One year parts and labor warranty
  • Easy to use tilt/swivel bracket
  • Waterproof micro SD memory card slot

With a tilt and swivel mounting bracket, the fish finder will capture data and relate it to the 480 X 480 pixel resolution screen. We are very confident you will love the features. With its wide angle view, you wouldn’t miss out on opportunities to get the best fish in the underwater world.

Not to miss out, the Lowrance combo fish finder comes with a waterproof micro SD memory card slot, 16 channel GPS antenna and simple to use menus.

7. Lowrance Mark 4 Combo Base Fish Finder Review

The Mark-4 Combo Base Fishfinder/Chartplotter is a multi-function device which can operate as a fish finder and a plotter. Installing the device on the boat isn’t difficult as it comes with an easy to install transom mount transducer.

The 4‘’ display screen combines cutting edge technology, broadband sounder with DownScan imaging technology to produce a dual image.


  • Quick-release tilt and swivel bracket
  • 4-Inch greyscale LCD
  • 300 Watt 83/200KHz fish finder
  • One-year warranty
  • 300 Watt 83/200KHz fish finder
  • Transom mount 83/200KHz transducer
  • Ultra-accurate Internal Gps Antenna

The comes with a transom mount 83/200KHz transducer to give you the best details. Other amazing features included are inbuilt GPS, TrackBack, and the feel of a map showing U.S map with over 3000 lakes, rivers, and coastal contours. Generally, the Mark-4 Combo Base Fish finder/Chart plotter is easy to operate and newbie friendly.

8. FishHunter PRO Portable Fish Finder Review

After much consideration, we decided to review the FishHunter Pro Portable Fish Finder. It made our list because we thought it necessary to review another portable fish finder for anglers with limited space in their boat.

It works with a smart phone or tablets (Apple iOS and Androids) which acts as the screen. So you can catch all the amazing views on your palm with a Bluetooth connection. It is quite expensive for its size, but if you consider its features, you will be convinced it’s worth the price.


  • Radio controlled bait boat
  • Operates up to 150 feet depth
  • 10 hours battery life when fully charged/rechargeable
  • Free applications including: fish activity calendar, diary, maps, weather and sharing functions
  • Works with Apple iOS and Androids through Bluetooth connection
  • 5 tri-frequency transducers (381kHz, 475kHz and 675kHz)

It is specialized to work in any kind of water- it is suitable even for ice fishing. With its 150 ft depth reach and up to 10 hours battery life, you can enjoy your best fishing experience.

It contains some free applications which includes: fish activity calendar, diary, weather, maps, and sharing functions. The sonar technology is not left out as it delivers information such as pond bed, water temperature, and underwater obstacles

The idea is to make your fishing experience more exciting by using a device that will locate the best fish for a great catch.

9. Humminbird 561 Fish Finder Review

Humminbird is one of the leading brand manufacturer of Fish Finder always improving in every of their model. The HumminBird 561 has proven this and hence the reason why it made our list of the best fish finders for kayaks.

It actually features a black and white screen display, which may turn some anglers off, this doesn’t mean you can get the best image quality – it’s really for serious anglers because of its amazing features.


  • 5’’ black and white display screen
  • 600 ft of depth view
  • Navionics and LakeMaster cartography
  • 2,400 watts of power

Combining its 5’’ quality display screen, 2400 watt power and 600 feet depth range, you should expect an awesome experience with your fishing activities.

One amazing feature is the UniMap which provides good navigation. It shows you where you are and where you are going so you can navigate through the water. The optional Navionics and LakeMaster cartography features help you save different favourite spots so you can always come back from time to time.

Using the HumminBird 561 fish finder, you can be sure to catch your dream fish and experience the best of technology.

10. NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder Review

This is actually for beginners, so you shouldn’t expect much from it, the bottom line is that it is affordable and just best for beginners who are starting up with their fishing journey. Even though it doesn’t have all those bells and whistles like others, it certainly performs the primary duty you need it form. It is very affordable and hence it’s one of the best portable fish finder under 100.


  • Operates on four “AAA” batteries with 20 hours life
  • 25 degree sonar beam angle
  • Delivers accurate depth between 1.5 to 99.9 feet
  • Operational down to zero degrees Fahrenheit
  • 4 sensitivity setting
  • Troll-able, mountable, and floatable sonar sensor

The NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder delivers accurate readings from 1.5 to 99.9 feet and relays it to the black and white screen. The 45 degree sonar beam angle gives it a wide range of view so you don’t miss out from any of your favourite fish.

If you are still not convinced, then what if I tell you that this device also features a liquid-crystal icon display, a 2-stage audible fish alarm, 4 sensitivity setting and comes with a cable tie-strap and 35 feet of cable – you can’t get it wrong.

This device is handy, with amazing features and easy to operate. If you are looking out for a family vacation in the nearest water environment, then you should consider opting in for this fish finder.

Where And How To Mount The Fish Finder On Your Kayak

Most kayak you will get have limited space especially after taking along all necessary tool and equipment needed for the activity. This is actually why we initially recommend a fish finder that is portable and wouldn’t appear too bulky for the kayak.

Basically, the transducer is mounted to the inside of the hull of the kayak, from here, the rest of the fish finder can come out through the plastic it comes in contact without any issues.

There are some fish finder that comes with suction cup that enables you to mount the entire device to the behind of the kayak. If you are new to using a fish finder with kayak, you will get some good resource about installing and mounting from video sites.

Final Thought

If you have a kayak and want to take your fishing to the next level, you sure need a fish finder to get the best amazing experience. Our picks are certainly the best brand and models you can get in the market and you shouldn’t look any further other than these ten.

Based on our unbiased and detailed reviews of the best fish finders for kayaks, you can make your choice. They are durable with great features and above all, will last a long time. We encourage you to share our post or leave a comment let’s know your views.